Halt, Buzas & Powell Partner Steve Halt Retires After 42 years

Alexandria, VA, USA, October 30, 2019

Steve Halt, partner, announced today that he will retire from Halt, Buzas & Powell this year. Since joining as a partner in 1977, he has held numerous roles and has left a special mark on the firm.

Although his last official day will be December 31, 2019, Steve’s hard work will not end there. Throughout 2020, he will work a reduced schedule during which he will facilitate smooth transitions for all clients and provide behind-the-scenes support for staff.

“Steve has not only been my fellow partner for 17 years, but also my mentor and close friend,” said HBP managing partner Andy Powell. “When I succeeded him as managing partner, he helped me through the difficult transition and played a crucial role in making sure I knew how to take on the position. Steve has greatly contributed to my development at HBP, and I know other staff at the firm can say that as well.”

Throughout his career, Steve has worked with many small businesses in the Alexandria community to help them grow bigger and better. In 1978, Kevin Keany from Keany Produce came to Steve with a checkbook and one van. Through years of collaboration and mutual growth, Keany Produce now has not only three warehouses and over 200 trucks, but also an in-house accounting department of its own. Halt, Buzas & Powell and Keany Produce have both experienced tremendous expansion that will continue as they work together for years to come.

When Steve began at Halt, Buzas & Powell, the firm had a little over 50 clients. Today, it represents thousands of individuals and businesses. According to Steve, his work involves “more than just taxes.”

“I have helped clients navigate personal financial situations like retirement, divorce and partnership,” said Steve. “I have even had opportunities to serve as an expert witness in federal court cases as well as speak on behalf of clients before a judge. I always try do more, to give clients something of value, something I know they would benefit from even if they don’t see it themselves.”

Not only does he go above and beyond for his clients, but he also has a passion for investing that same time and dedication to develop his staff.

“Steve never hesitates to stop what he’s doing to sit down and teach me a new skill or help me interpret a client’s documents,” said Camila Donoso, former intern who was recently promoted to Staff Accountant I. “Even when I was an intern, I felt like he truly cared about my development and I was never scared of his position as a partner compared to mine.”

During his 42 years with Halt, Buzas & Powell, Steve has received a number of honorable awards for his accomplishments as a certified public accountant. He was recognized by the Northern Virginia Magazine as one of the Top Financial Professionals in the area of Income Tax Planning and Investment Planning at least eight times. He was also named a Top Tax Accountant by the Washingtonian Magazine at least four times throughout his career.

Although Steve holds an impressive number of recognitions, he said he doesn’t need to be surrounded by awards and trophies; he’s “just here to get the job done right” for his clients.

Steve looks forward to spending more time with his three daughters and attending his six grandkids’ school and sporting events. He is also excited to join his friends out on the golf course and work on fixing up his antique automobiles.

“My career with Halt, Buzas & Powell has been incredibly rewarding,” Steve said. “I truly dealt with it all. Although my job as a partner was difficult at times, I am grateful for experiences I’ve had and the people and businesses I have guided. I will miss everyone at the firm greatly, but I am also very excited to begin my next chapter.”



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