Rohini Chandrabhata

Rohini Chandrabhata

Tax Manager / English

Rohini Chandrabhatla serves individuals and businesses as a Tax Manager at Halt, Buzas & Powell. With over 20 years of professional experience in her pocket, Rohini knows all the ins and outs of personal as well as corporate taxation. A math lover since her school days, she likes the accuracy numbers give and enjoys using their precision to create tailored tax solutions that minimize overall liability while helping clients fully meet their compliance obligations.

Rohini’s expertise covers just about every angle of tax accounting you can imagine, with previous roles that include leading tax operations for North America at a well-known consulting group, senior tax accountant at PwC and serving publicly traded and privately held corporations, small businesses, high-net worth individuals and even Ringling Brothers Circus. She is the assistant treasurer of the American Foundation for Royal Holloway College and serves as president of the WACKY Foundation, a philanthropic organization that supports pediatric vasculitis research.

Born in India, Rohini grew up in London, England and earned a Bachelor of Mathematics at Royal Holloway University of London. She went on to complete a Master of Accounting from Walsh College. Now a resident of Reston, Virginia, Rohini volunteers with the Make-A-Wish Foundation as a Wish Granter. Her favorite leisure activities include reading, yoga, travel and cooking (she once won a chili-cooking competition!), as well as spending time with her two college-student daughters and a kitten, the newest member of the family.