Andy Powell

Andy Powell

Partner-in-Charge of Accounting and Audit Practice / English

Andrew (Andy) Powell brings 30 years of accounting experience to his role as Managing Partner at Halt, Buzas & Powell. His focus lies in audit and assurance services, with a particular emphasis on government auditing and FAR compliance for government contractors. Andy is committed to building strong relationships with everyone he serves, gaining a complete understanding of their individual situation so he can help clients see the big picture as they approach business decisions. He believes that time spent learning about his clients’ specific needs, goals and organizations is an investment that pays rich dividends for the quality of support he provides.

With decades of business experience to guide him, Andy has a gift for identifying the wide-ranging ramifications of actions. Clients and colleagues alike appreciate his insights into how tweaking one thing will affect seemingly unrelated matters elsewhere in the organization’s processes and overall financial position. Andy is a member of the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA), the Alexandria Chamber of Commerce and Vistage, an international organization for CEOs, business owners and executives. He has been named Smart CEO and Power Player by SmartCEO Magazine, and held a number of board positions over the course of his career.

Originally from Odenton, MD, Andy holds a Bachelor of Science from the University of Maryland. At home in his current community of Gambrills, MD, Andy is a passionate gardener who produces enough bounty that each year he is able to put up homegrown beans, salsa, pickles and jams. He’s also a devoted and certified beekeeper, as well as a model train enthusiast. Philanthropic work includes involvement in the Odenton Heritage Society, Hospice of Chesapeake and SPCA of Anne Arundel County. Andy is the father of two adult sons.

Fun Facts About Andy

  • He’s quiet about his bowling prowess, but the truth emerged at a firm-wide event where he casually and definitively crushed all competition.
  • His favorite superhero is the Green Hornet.
  • He had a cat named Mouse, which isn’t at all confusing.

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